Born in 1998, Berlin, currently living in Glasgow, UK. 

sermonsilke@gmail.com | @s.zapp | silkezappsermon.com 

Perception of space and the pervasiveness of play go hand in hand within my work, play is my methodology, my navigational tool through spaces, converting them to heterotopic playgrounds. I aim to view spaces as a player, mapping a playful exploration of the space. Changing space into place, creating a familiarity with the surrounding landscapes through motion. And only through these motions can the connection occur. Exploring spaces through abnormal habits, following my intuition over my caution. With video being my storytelling device, the creative outlet, devising abstract performances for the camera based on adventurous tendencies, which we all possess within us. My installations aim to create immersive spaces, where viewers are encapsulated and can embark on a ludic journey. In the hope that people leave considering the spaces around them, and ask how can they be re-defined? Playgrounds are all around us, our inhibitions stop us from noticing them. 


2020 Alternative Guide to Walking Publication Launch: Lunch Time Gallery, Glasgow (UK)
2020 A Lurch in the Dark, Group Show, Centre for Contemporary Arts, Glasgow (UK)
2019 Motherlode: GSA 3rd Year Fine Art Photography - Studio Pavillion, House for an Art Lover, Glasgow (UK)
2019 SloshBirth, Group Show, Hyde Park Book Club, Leeds (UK)
2019 CCA Film Screening: 3rd Year Fine Art Photography - Centre of Contemporary Arts, Glasgow (UK)
2018 More is Less: (Curator) GSA 2nd Year Fine Art – The Arches, Glasgow (UK)
2018 Feedback Loop: GSA 2nd Year Fine Art Photography – The Art School, Glasgow (UK)

2020 Alternative Guide to Walking, Collaboration with Rosie Trevill, Sofie Keller, Jess Hay. Selfpublished, launched at Lunchtime Gallery in association with Good Press, Glasgow (UK)


First Class BA( Hons) Fine Art, Glasgow School of Art, 2020.