7 Trees in Bleckede 2020

23.73 seconds, is the fastest time any known person has run between these 7 trees in Bleckede.

23.73 Sekunden ist die schnellste Zeit, die je ein Mensch zwischen diesen 7 Bäumen in Bleckede gelaufen ist.  

2020 |Silke Zapp Sermon | 7 Trees in Bleckede | Germany.

Three Channel Video, Exhibited on three 40” monitors at CCA, Glasgow, Feburary 2020.

A Ludic Journey 2018/19

Up (Rooted) | Silke Zapp Sermon | 2019 | Alexandria, Scotland

On Ground | Silke Zapp Sermon | 2019 | Troon, Scotland 

In Amongst | Silke Zapp Sermon | 2018 | Balmaha, Scotland 

“A Ludic Journey”, various videos focusing around the central themes of land and play. Disrupting or refracting the landscape, using it as a playground to further our understanding of ourselves and how we interact with the world around us.

Refracted Landscapes 2019

Refracted Landscapes, Information | Silke Zapp Sermon | 2019 | Iceland

Refracted Landscapes, Response | Silke Zapp Sermon | 2019 | Scotland 

Split-Screen Installation, exhibited at House for an Art Lover, March 2019, Glasgow, Scotland.